Matty James returns to Camden Rocks Festival

MJ CR 2015 cropped

Matty James returns to Camden Rocks Festival this year. The lineup also features Ginger Wildheart, Michael Monroe, Richie Ramone and many more… This is not something you want to miss! Matty will be appearing solo acoustic at Fifty Five Bar at 17:30, Saturday 30th May. Tickets and more information available here: – PHHQ … Continue reading

Tour Diary: France, April 2015 Pt. II


16th – 21st April 2015 Day 8 Stephane and I set off for the next stop in good time after saying goodbye to Bernard who was only joining us for the first week of the tour. Up until this point, people had been warning me that Perpignan was a rough place, a gypsy town and somewhere you really need to take care. I am aware that people tend to exaggerate these things, especially if they have a vendetta against a place because of a bad personal experience so I wasn’t too worried. The fact is, you can have a good or bad … Continue reading

Tour Diary: France, April 2015 Pt. I


Back on the road in France and so is the return of the tour diary. I would do this more often when I gig around the UK but I assume most of you reading this live there and therefore are well aware of what it is like. 9th – 15th April 2015 Day 1 I arrived in Lille by train at 10:30am (their time) and by midday (also their time) I was set up and sound-checked for the first of two sets at the Urban Rock Fest. The sun was shining and I played a relaxed show to some unsuspecting … Continue reading